What happens in a lesson?

In a one-to-one lesson, the teacher will listen to your reasons for coming and the nature of the problems you’re experiencing. She will then use gentle touch to help realign your body, as well as giving you simple verbal instructions to improve your posture and movement. You may be given activities or exercises to practise at home. Lessons take place fully clothed – wear comfortable clothing.

The teacher may work with you on simple activities like sitting in a chair, standing and walking, and can also work on specific activities of your choice like working on a laptop, driving, yoga postures, playing your musical instrument or public speaking. In working on these things, the aim is to increase your co-ordination and ease of movement and teach you how to let go of the habits that cause tension and pain.

You will often be taught a simple rest posture that you can use daily at home, to help your spine re-find its natural shape.

In group classes, we use a range of teaching techniques: hands-on realignment as above, talking and demonstrating, visual teaching with anatomical pictures, mindful walking, partner-work, a relaxation phase where the group lie on mats and the teacher talks you through releasing your muscles and allowing your body to recharge. Group classes are supportive and fun.

Many people choose to have both one-to-one lessons and group classes. You can start with whichever appeals to you – for more information and advice, contact atincoventry@gmail.com or use the contact form:

Alexander is gentle, safe, suitable for all ages and physical abilities and has no harmful side-effects.