I’m in Pain

Sometimes we get injured, or we go through a period of stress, and we recover fully – our bodies bounce back and are as good or better than before.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen like that – we are injured or ill and our bodies manage as best they can, but they compensate – leaning on the left leg to avoid pain in the right, for example. Holding our breath to brace ourselves against pain.

Over time, these compensations often lead to more pain, and we compensate again.

At some point, we need some help – and that’s where Alexander Technique comes in.

Alexander teaches us to release tension, not hold on to it, and allow our bodies to really rest – something many of us don’t know how to do.

In Alexander lessons and group classes, we learn to find our strong spine, and our easy, flowing breath. Everything gets easier – walking, driving, working at a computer. Pain eases or melts away.

Your body knows how to be comfortable and strong, even if that knowledge has been hidden under injury, stress or bad habits.

Alexander Technique has been shown in studies to be one of the most effective treatments for pain – for example, in the British Medical Journal 2008 Study, and in the ATLAS trial. For more information on the evidence, see http://alexandertechnique.co.uk/alexander-technique/research.

To start your journey back to ease, come for a lesson or to a class. Use the contact form below or email atincoventry@gmail.com