How Can Alexander Help Me?


Alexander can help anyone who holds tension in their body. That’s most of us.

If you’re in pain right now, you probably know that your habits of posture often make it worse. People often say “I know what I’m supposed to do – sit up straight, not clench my teeth, not hunch over my laptop – I just can’t seem to do it.”

If this is you, Alexander can help. Alexander helps us retrain our habits, so we find better posture and freer movement with less effort rather than more.

If you play sport, do yoga or pilates, run or swim, again you probably know what you’re supposed to do – but your actual performance often isn’t quite like that. Maybe you work even harder (holding your breath, clenching your jaw?), but still the form isn’t quite what you hope for – and then you get injured. Alexander helps us rediscover our natural co-ordination – the easy, fluid movement that we see in children and young animals – which has got buried under our bad habits.

The good news is, everyone has this easy, reflex co-ordination, however well-buried it is – even you.


You probably know that the way you hold yourself affects your mood, and vice versa. Think about something that causes you stress, and watch your shoulders hunch, your breath tighten, maybe your jaw start to lock. Remember how you feel in your body at the end of a difficult day.

Now think about a time when you felt relaxed and good. Notice how your body softens and eases as you think about that time.

How we think and feel and how we move and breathe affect each other all day, everyday.

Alexander Technique teaches you to release tension and move with co-ordination, ease and strength.

The result: more energy, more wellbeing, more calm and optimism. Try it and see!





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