• I find Rachel’s classes fun and informative.  It is good to share the learning with everyone who is there.  I also benefit from one-to-one sessions.  Rachel is friendly and open-hearted and will treat you very well. (LB, Coventry)


  • I really look forward to my Alexander class, an oasis of peace in a busy week . I particularly like resting in the semi-supine position which I found enormously helpful when I strained my back recently – I recovered very quickly. I was a ‘clumsy child’, prone to falling over, dropping things and knocking things over. To learn how to stand, sit and move gracefully is like a revelation. It makes you more conscious of bad habits and helps you change them for the better. (BC, Coventry)


  • I really enjoyed my Alexander Technique classes with you, it was a very positive, happy experience. I’m not sure if this was all due to the Alexander Technique, or to your sunny personality, but probably it was both of these things!  I hope things are going well for you. (RS, Coventry)


  • Alexander Technique really works, and Rachel is a kind, patient and knowledgeable teacher. Since working with her, I have received numerous compliments on how I walk with more grace and how much my posture has improved. A year on, and I continue to feel lighter and and more comfortable in my body. (JK, Leamington)


  • I’ve been attending Alexander Technique classes in Coventry for about 3 months now and have found it really helpful in more ways than I expected. It’s making a huge difference on a daily basis. As someone who experiences chronic pain I have tried a lot of things and not often found much relief but Alexander Technique is different, I come away with a sense of relief and relaxation I have never experienced before. (LW, Birmingham)